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what to expect
in a session

I realise that for some people, making a choice to change their life and deciding they need help can sometimes be a little scary, so let me put your mind at rest.


There is nothing wrong with wanting to change something that you aren't happy with. ​Realising that you want to change and admitting that you have a problem is just the first step that you can take in your  journey towards a better life.

Rest assured that if you choose to work with me I will support you wholeheartedly on your journey. As a professional my promise to you is that you will receive a friendly caring service in a relaxed setting, where the focus of the sessions is centred around you and your desired outcome.


I'm not here to judge, I am here to listen and to help you grow.


After your initial inquiry I can arrange a time to call you for a telephone consultation, or if you prefer it, a Zoom meet up. After I have learned a little more about you and what it is that you want help with, then we can book a session together.


A session will cost £80.00, I don't charge by the hour, as sessions can take over an hour so you won't feel rushed.

I also offer a block booking of sessions which are priced on application and payable upfront.


If you are on a low income or are struggling financially I would be happy to negotiate and arrange a more affordable option for you. The first time we meet I will conduct a history take of you and your problem, then I will put together a bespoke treatment plan tailor made to suit your needs and designed around your own unique way of thinking.


Alongside the sessions you will be given a Wordweave MP3 recording for you to listen to in between our sessions together.

I will also give you a personal Journal and learning materials to help you in your journey.   I'll also teach you techniques that you can use outside of the therapy room.

What will a session be like?


People are sometimes surprised when I tell them that therapy is just a different
kind of conversation and that trance is something they are probably already

familiar with.


Trance is really just a state of mind connected to deep relaxation, where you narrow your focus of attention and are just aware of a lot fewer things. It is a completely safe process, where you will feel calm and relaxed and able to focus on the things that you wish to work through in order for you to feel better about yourself.


Have you ever been so absorbed in reading a book or watching a film imagining all the characters, lost in the story, that when you put the book down or switch the T.V. off you have completely lost track of time?


Have you ever travelled somewhere and before you knew it you'd reached your destination and couldn't really remember the journey? Perhaps you've drifted off daydreaming during a meeting or conversation and realised you didn't have a clue about what the other person was saying.


We call this 'the everyday nature of trance', because it is something we experience all of the time.


You will always be aware of what's going on and I won't ask you to do anything that you don't want to do.

 At all times during our session's together, you will remain totally in control.

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